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As part of the Amtivo Group, Equas is a management consultancy that specialises in helping organisations improve their management systems, thereby enabling them to become more efficient and achieve more of their strategic objectives.

Our simple and highly cost-effective methodologies have enabled hundreds of companies and organisations to achieve ISO and other internationally-recognised standards and to gain all the benefits that these standards were designed for.

In addition to ISO in a Box™ Equas is a preferred reseller for intuitive software tool called Activ that significantly reduces admin costs and facilitates greater employee buy-in and support for an ISO compliant system.

Both Activ and our consultancy methodologies have been designed to embody Equas’ philosophy that all management systems have a simple purpose: to enable an organisation to satisfy its customers’ requirements and minimise business risk.

Whatever the size or nature of your organisation, Equas can help you to achieve all the benefits of ISO certification.

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