GDPR Compliance

Does your organisation have employees, customers, or suppliers? If so, you almost certainly process some personal data and that means that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to you. You must ensure that you comply by 25 May 2018.

Understanding the requirements of the GDPR and interpreting how the regulations apply to you is complex. We offer a straightforward 3-step Gap Analysis service for GDPR compliance in which we review your current arrangements and set out exactly what you need to do to comply:

  1. Prepare – we catalogue all the different sets of data that you hold and the various locations and methods of access to that data
  2. Identify – we use our proprietary Activ Comply legal compliance software to determine what the GDPR requires of you for each of your data sets
  3. Analyse – using a matrix, we compare the requirements of the GDPR to the controls you currently have in place for each of your data sets, and pinpoint where there are gaps


You’ll receive a comprehensive report that sets out your current compliance level, highlights any gaps, and provides a sensible, proportionate action plan to close those gaps.

Simple, assured compliance.

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