Why choose ISO in a Box™

ISO in a Box™ is a simple yet comprehensive solution to achieving ISO certification that eliminates unnecessary paperwork and improves the effectiveness of existing work processes. Its proven benefits are at work in hundreds of organisations of all sizes operating in all types of industry sectors, and it has received many commendations for its effectiveness from major UKAS-accredited certification bodies.

Key features of ISO in a Box™

  • Simple to implement and use
  • Hands-on support from experienced, professional consultants that guarantees UKAS-accredited certification
  • Requires no previous knowledge of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 or other ISO standards
  • Can be delivered via standalone computer, intranet or our proprietary Activ software 
  • Range of implementation options available to suit varying budgets and operational requirements
  • Designed as an integrated management system that reduces the cost of certification to multiple standards

The ISO in a Boxsystem is flexible and built around your organisation. The documentation can be paper-based or managed using a standalone computer, intranet or on-line management system. All support required to achieve and maintain certification is provided through a team of highly experienced, professional, hands-on consultants.

We offer a range of fixed price solutions to suit the size of your organisation and the level of in-house resource and expertise available. The most common packages selected by our customers are:

Assisted Build
in which we provide the ISO in a Box™ template system with training and advice on how to modify it to fit the organisation. We also verify that it has been implemented correctly and meets the requirements for certification.

Full System Build
in which we provide the ISO in a Box™ template system and the full resource required to build it and support the customer through the implementation and certification process.

Whichever package you select you can be sure that you will receive hands-on expert support in how to most effectively implement your system and maximise your return.